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We would like to announce our decision to hand over our Jigoshop business to a new team.

Having created the plugin back in 2011 we now feel it is time to pass on the future development to allow us to focus on our growing Jigowatt business.

Proxar IT Consulting have been working alongside Jigoshop over the last 12 months and recently made an approach to take over the business. Paul Preston, Managing Director of Proxar, and his team have a proven track record of developing successful businesses and they are hugely passionate about the future development of Jigoshop.

Paul stated: “We want to build on the excellent product and reputation gained by Jigoshop over the last 3 years. We look forward to working with developers and customers to make Jigoshop the leading eCommerce plugin to support both small businesses and large commercial organisations.”
Andy Donovan, Director of Jigowatt said, “The plugin will benefit from significant investment and the plans that we’ve seen so far are great news for existing users. Jigoshop has already proved itself to be a reliable and stable solution that holds it’s head high in the open source eCommerce marketplace: we are confident that Jigoshop will continue to deliver and exceed expectations.”

Jigowatt Limited, Jigoshop’s former parent company, is enjoying incredible growth with core website design and development projects and will now focus on further expansion in this area of the business. The future success of Jigoshop will be beneficial to many of Jigowatt’s customers so we will continue to work closely with the new Jigoshop team under the terms of the hand over.

For more information, contact:

Jigoshop: Paul Preston on [email protected]
Jigowatt: Andy Donovan on [email protected]


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