Jigoshop Showcase #36 Bathetic Records

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Music runs pretty deeply through the Jigoshop office. Company Director Andy plays double bass in American folk/blues band The Malingerers, support wizard Luke plays a more modern bass in Peterborough band Aha, Deceit! and four more of us have a reasonable collection of guitars and varying levels of skill. So this week’s showcase is pretty appropriate


Showcase #36: Bathetic Records

Bathetic Records is based in Asheville, North Carolina. The label is primarily owned by Jon Hencey, but the site was designed by Omar Mashaal who previously featured in our showcase with his bold work on Little Lost Land.

Given the independent and sometimes dark vibes of the records put out by Bathetic, the tone of the site definitely fits with the music. So we had to ask Omar a few questions, for instance, why he chose Jigoshop

We wanted to upgrade the existing WordPress site- the earlier version of the site was using only basic embedded paypal codes for products. I’ve used Jigoshop one time before, with great results, so it was a clear choice.


One great touch is that mousing over each album artwork brings up details of each record next to it (either to the left or right depending on the position within the grid). It’s a great way to allow the art to really stand out, but also let people easily see the artist name, album name, and whether the album is on LP, iTunes or Spotify etc.

Scrolling down also reveals the latest artist videos, and who is on tour, alongside some social media links.

The Category pages are in the same format, although the video page does have a slightly different design to make it a little easier to skim through.

I custom built this theme and integrated it with Jigoshop. It is using the premium shipping, mini cart deluxe, and HTML emails plugins. All work as expected and are used consistently.


Meanwhile the individual album pages are very nicely laid out to include album art, buying options (Including streaming, iTunes and Spotify), plus social media buttons for that particular artist above the fold of the page.

Scrolling down the page allows for more images, biographies, album information and reviews.

Whereas many sites find it very helpful to use Jigoshop options such as product descriptions, additional information and related products, the Bathetic Records site does a great job in showing how the eCommerce elements and capabilities can fade into the background as required to create a unique website. As Omar himself says, after creating two great Jigoshop stores

Jigoshop is very easy to set-up and use, I would recommend it for small online businesses that need a simple, straightforward shopping experience. With the addition of everything else WordPress provides, you can create something quite unique.

Submit your sites for our showcase:

We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email [email protected]

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