The most powerful Authorize.Net Jigoshop extension

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We’ve got news of our most comprehensive Authorize.Net extension for Jigoshop, the new Authorize.Net Pro, plus a real-time customer service solution which can help you increase sales and have happier customers.


Authorize.Net Pro:

The Authorize.Net Pro extension for Jigoshop is the most complete solution for one of the worlds largest payment gateway services. Not only does it give you the option to integrate Authorize.Net AIM and Authorize.Net DPM payment methods, but it also includes a new solution for Authorize.Net Server Integration Method (SIM).

Currently the Authorize.Net Pro extension supports British, U.S and Canadian stores with US Dollars, Canada Dollars and British Pounds Sterling as currencies. Check it out now!

If you require Authorize.Net CIM integration, then a separate extension is available for that use.


iAdvize Live Chat:


There are great business reasons for offering live customer service to your customers. You can not only increase your sales by making sure no-one leaves your site frustrated, but also make sure you have happier shoppers, which means they are more likely to return for repeat purchases.

This extension quickly allows you to implement real-time Click to Chat, Click to Call and Click to Video options, meaning you’re immediately aware of issues and able to respond. Check it out now.




  • Marcus W

    Woothemes has now gotten stupid, I use both jigoshop and woocommerce but will now be leaving woocommerce behing, i hope you crush them.

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