Product Configurator and Comparison Tool released for Jigoshop

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A new extension to allow customers to create their own products is one of the highlights of the Jigoshop extensions available this week. We’ve also got a great new product comparison tool, and some ways to make running a Jigoshop eCommerce shop a little easier for you, including an awesome solution to products which need to be withdrawn from sale.

End of Product Sale:


Simply deleting products when they are no longer available causes two problems for an eCommerce business. Not only do customers following old links end up with an error page, but you can also lose the benefits of those links for search engine optimisation. So this extension is a much easier way to solve these problems, rather than manually editing code – choose to either lead customers to the nearest available replacement, or use an automatic 301 redirect to an alternative product. Check it out now.


Jigoshop Configurable Products:



Let your shoppers customise components and create their own product which can then be added to their shopping cart in one click. Selections can be set by category or specified by name, and any customisation automatically updates the product listing and price to allow any user to build their own selection quickly and easily. Check it out now.


Jigoshop Product Comparisons:


You’ve probably seen product comparison tools on a range of high-end shopping websites. Now you can offer the same great functionality on your Jigoshop store. Let customers pick a set maximum number of items to compare, and it will display as a table on a separate page or within a widget on your site. An integrated Add To Cart button makes it easy to purchase when the final decision has been made. Check it out now.


Jigoshop Opening Times:


If you run a Jigoshop online eCommerce business part-time, or you’re not able to process orders on a particular day for whatever reason – Jigoshop Opening Times will make life easier both for you, and your customers. Set the days and times when your store is closed for new orders, and the ability to buy will be disabled, along with supplying a message for customers informing them when you are open again. Check it out now. Payment Gateway:

GoPay is a leading payment service in the Czech Republic, and this extension will let you quickly and easily set up payments for your customers in Czech crowns and Euros. You’ll also be able to take credit card payments and the appropriate bank payment services for the Czech Republic. Check it out now.


Intuitive Custom Post Order:


Use an intuitive drag-and-drop method to re-order products, posts, pages and custom post types within your Jigoshop/WordPress admin. The default chronological order of WordPress can make it time consuming to find and edit items, so you’ll soon save time and money as your site grows. Check it out now.


Best Tree:


Another Jigoshop extension which changes default WordPress behaviour to make it easier to manage your store. Usually category choices rise to the top of the meta box in your Administration dashboard, but you can stop this happening with Best Tree. Check it out now.


If that wasn’t enough for you this week, have you checked out the list of Recommended WP Plugins for Jigoshop on the Community Forum? The list has been compiled of largely free plugins which have been developed for WordPress generally, but also happen to work very well with Jigoshop. If you’ve got any suggestions which haven’t been included yet, let us know!

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