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There’s a huge amount going on at Jigoshop at the moment. You could win an iPad Mini by answering our 5-minute survey, we’ve released Jigoshop 1.7, and there’s still a range of new extensions out this week to customise your store. There are more payment gateways than ever to choose from, some useful selling tools, and a great way to display your products with a Pinterest-style infinite scrolling wall of images.


Minimum Orders:


This extension is aptly-named, as you can set a minimum amount for orders by your customers. Either set a minimum product quantity, or a minimum financial amount, for purchases to be completed. Alternatively, you can also set a maximum amount or value if you need to limit purchases for whatever reason. Check out Minimum Orders now.


Buy Selected:


Want to make it easier for customers to buy in bulk? Particularly useful for wholesale and retailers to business – the Buy Selected extension allows bulk purchases to be made from product list pages. That’s great when a repeat customer wants to place a big order without having to visit every single product page! Check out Buy Selected.


Ajax Content Browser:


The Ajax Content Browser is a cool new way to display products and other media (blog posts, videos etc), as a Pinterest-style wall which can cope with infinite scrolling. Given the huge popularity of that type of design, it will give a design lift to any store, and in addition to Jigoshop-integration, it also accommodates media from Flickr, Youtube and Vimeo. Check out Ajax Content Browser.


Payment Gateways for Skrill, FuturePay, PayU Russia and PayU Ukraine:

Jigoshop 1.7 now includes FuturePay payments integrated into the core program alongside PayPal Standard. But if you wish to remain on Jigoshop version 1.6 or prior – you can use our free FuturePay payment gateway to still benefit from their services.

We also have a free Skrill payment gateway, alongside the native gateways for PayU Russia and PayU Ukraine. Both PayU Poland and PayU Czech Republic are already available for Jigoshop.

PayURussia PayUUkraine SkrillFuturePay-Gateway-main-635x283

Please note that the FuturePay extension is not required from Jigoshop 1.7 onwards as the same functionality is built into the Jigoshop core.

And don’t forget to help shape the future of Jigoshop – and win an iPad Mini – with our quick 5-minute Jigoshop survey.




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