9 new extensions and 1 great saving!

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Not only have we got 9 new extensions released this week, but you can also save with a special offer running until May 28,2013. Two great Jigoshop extensions, Video Product Tab and Photos Product Tab, are being bundled together to give you a 20% saving on the cost of buying two awesome ways to really make your products look great. To get this deal, check out the Seb’s Studio Discounted Bundle now.

And we’ll have news of another great extension and special offer tomorrow, Wednesday, May 22nd.


Seb’s Studio Discounted Bundle:


Grab two great Jigoshop extensions and save money with this great discounted bundle which is available until May 28, 2013. Included in your purchase are the Video Product Tab and Photos Product Tab extensions – and by buying both at the same time you save 20% from the total cost. Check out Seb’s Studio Discounted Bundle now.


Korta Payment Gateway for Jigoshop:


Integrate Korta payment services into your Jigoshop business to take online payments. This Icelandic-based payment provider serves customers throughout Europe and is particularly suited to any business operating in the travel and tourism industries. Check out the Korta Payment Gateway.


ANZ eGate Payment Gateway:


Take online payments with a service which is designed to also work with call centres and voice recognition services as your business grows. This Australian bank and payment provider can trace it’s history back to 1835, so they have plenty of experience in financial services! Check out the ANZ eGate payment gateway.


PayU Payment Gateway for Jigoshop:


Benefit from the expertise of PayU in processing payments for European countries including the Czech Republic and Poland. Licensed by the Czech National Bank, PayU supports a range of security options in addition to taking credit card and ‘pay by link’ services. Check out the PayU Payment Gateway.


Jigoshop Post Layout:


One of the big benefits of Jigoshop is that it’s open source and you can edit any code to your exact needs. But editing core files can be intimidating for a non-developer, which is where this extension solves a problem. It allows you to add custom HTML and Javascript to specific areas of your site, giving you a quick and easy way to make changes. You can quickly add code provided by other sites into content, product pages and more. Check out Jigoshop Post Layout.


Extended Category Widget:


Create custom categories, and display them in your sidebar. Quickly choose whether to highlight each new or existing category with a thumbnail and a description, and give your customers a simple way to navigate to sections you want to promote. Check out Extended Category Widget.


Sendloop Signup Widget:


If you currently manage your email lists with Sendloop, or want to give it a try, then this quick and simple signup widget is great to encourage your customers to share their email addresses with you. Display it on your homepage and in your sidebar to make sure you’re building your email list to increase your sales. Check out the Sendloop Signup Widget.


Premium HTML Email:



This extension not only lets you create custom emails to send to customers to confirm their purchases, but also allows them to be edited by Jigoshop store administrators. That makes it much easier for you to make simple changes, add items and promotions and more, without needing to find a developer for every single amendment. Check out Premium HTML Emails.


Jigoshop Easy Print Button:


Simple and effective extension for Jigoshop which adds a print button to your order page, and allows site admins to print billing and shipping details and costs for each product. Check out the Jigoshop Easy Print Button.


WP Menu Cart:


Add a shopping cart to your navigation bar with the option to customise your own CSS, display icon or items and prices, and show all the time or only if there are items in the cart. Check out WP Menu Cart.

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