17th May Plugin Updates

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This week we have some great updates for some of our favourite plugins as you can see below. But we also have a huge update from the Refined Style theme with loads of new added features and some fixes!

Product Accessories

  • Added more flexibility to SKU search field. Right now when entering text into SKU input field the product accessories select list is narrowed with the results matching entered text.
  • Added also filters jigoshop_product_accessories_meta_query_field and jigoshop_product_accessories_get_by_sku which gives ability to extend SKU search.
  • Added filter jigoshop_product_accessories_product_name which gives possibility to display more infos about product in dropdown

Category Pages

  • Added [category_grid] shortcode

Product Add Ons Premium

  • Fixed: problem with a countdown, missing keyup event

Customer Discounts

  • Fixed: Refactored code responsible for calculating quantities and discounts
  • Added: Support for Jigoshop Product Addons plugin

PayPal Pro

  • Fix: card fields not displaying if gateway description is empty.

Refined Style Theme

- Completely re-written theme options to use WP Theme Customizer
- Re-written styling from the ground up, using bootstrap
- Now fully responsive
- Added ability to turn off responsive behaviour
- Updated all graphics to now be retina ready
- Inclusion of Font Awesome icons
- Added more background options and made it easier to customize background
- Added support for post formats: Posts, Quotes, Asides, Links, Images and Galleries
- Updated code to support JigoShop up to the latest release (1.6.4)
- Now uses Hybrid framework, adds advanced widgets, improved pagination, post formats, improved breadcrumb trails
- Added support for featured image on main blog listing page
- Now fully supports authors and author pages
- More comprehensive archive pages, unique archives for tags, categories, days, months and years
- Added sitemap page template
- Fixed issue with JigoShop losing shop sidebar on some pages, with now always show instead of the default
- Added additional widget area to homepage
- Added new products carousel to homepage
- Added ability to turn on and off all elements on homepage - easily make your homepage unique!
- Lighter, faster, cleaner code
- Less HTTP requests, smaller and less images used
- Add full support for translations, included relevant language files ready for localization

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