New extensions include new search and marketing tools

Another eight new extensions are now available for Jigoshop, helping you to market your store more effectively to smartphone users, help customers find the products they want more quickly, and integrate Royal Mail shipping, payment processing from Nochex or Payment Express, and set prices for different customers.


Jigoshop QR Code:

Jigoshop QR Code

Most people have now become familiar with the blocky black-and-white QR codes that allow you to visit a website without having to try and type a website address on your phone. So as mobile visits and sales continue to rise for all eCommerce websites, why not make things easy for your customers?

The Jigoshop QR Code extension will generate a code for each product on your site, which you can use in your catalogue, print marketing, or packaging material to generate more visitors and more sales. Check out the Jigoshop QR Code extension.


Jigoshop Enhanced Search:

Jigoshop Enchanced Search

Increase sales by making it quicker and easier for customers to find what they need. The Jigoshop Enhanced Search extension integrates an ajax search which automatically suggests products from the first few characters typed into the search box. Not only does that save time, especially if you have a large inventory or lots of similar products, but it also helps your more forgetful consumers by prompting them with the right answer for their search. Check out Jigoshop Enhanced Search.


Jigoshop Price by Role:

Jigoshop Price by Role

Set prices specific to the user role of your customer. That means you can offer wholesale, retail and members-only prices for your shop, and not have to list your products repeatedly. Check out Jigoshop Price by Role.


Payment Express PX Post:

Payment Express for Jigoshop

Payment Express is a product by Direct Payment Solutions (DPS), who have been around since 1997, and process $20 billion of transactions each year. This gateway integrates their payment service into your site, so you don’t need to redirect customers to an external page. Please note you’ll need a valid SSL certificate installed on your site for this to work. Check out Payment Express PX Post.


Nochex Payment Gateway:

Nochex Payment Gateway for Jigoshop

Take payments with British-based Nochex, who accept credit and debit card payments. There are no monthly or annual fees – just an initial small set-up payment and a fee per transaction, allowing you to get going quickly and easily. Payment processing is all handled by Nochex, so you can rely on their security measures to protect sensitive customer data. Check out the Nochex Payment Gateway.


Jigoshop Sorting:

Jigoshop Sorting

Let your customers choose to list your products by Name, Price or Date, which can be displayed before or after the main Shop and Category pages (Or both). You can also choose to ‘Hide Out of Stock’ products, and display the same options throughout your site as a Widget. Check out Jigoshop Sorting.


Jigoshop Filtering:

Jigoshop Filtering

As with the above Jigoshop Sorting extension, this allows customers the choice to list your products the way they want – helping them to find what they need more easily. This extension allows them to filter by Product Categories, Product Tags or Product Attributes, and can also be used as a Widget. Check out Jigoshop Filtering.


Royal Mail Shipping:

Royal Mail Shipping for Jigoshop

Automatically calculate Royal Mail shipping costs for both domestic and international shipments. Prices are based on weight, dimension and delivery country, and handling fees can be added. In addition you can select shipping costs on either per order or per item. Check out the huge range of Royal Mail Shipping options available with this extension.


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