Add Malaysian payments and much more to Jigoshop

In the past three weeks, a whopping 19 new extensions have already been released, including 13 last week. Now the total increases to 25 as we add two more payment gateways, plus four great new extensions to add functionality and make management of your Jigoshop eCommerce business that little bit easier.


iPay88 Payment Gateway:

iPay88 Payment Gateway

If you’re looking to run a Jigoshop online store for customers in Malaysia, Philippines or China, then you’ll love the new iPay88 gateway. You can not only take payments with the currency and best options for each country, but the multi-currency options mean you can still accept US dollars, Euros and Pounds sterling at the same time as the Malaysian Ringgit or China’s AliPay payments. Simple to set up and effective to use, hopefully this will mean a boom in Jigoshop shops catering to these countries. Check out the iPay88 Payment Gateway.


Netbanx Payment Gateway:

Netbanx Payment Gateway

Another great payment option is now available via Netbanx, who offer a huge range of anti-fraud measures to their account holders. In addition to the standard security measures, they also have their own proprietary ‘Risk Rules Engine’ and lots more to avoid you losing any money. That’s on top of multi-currency processing, credit and debit card payments, and settlement direct to your merchant account. Check out the Netbanx Payment Gateway.


Jigoshop Grouped Products Pro:

Grouped Products Pro

Add a new level of dynamic customisation to your grouped products. You can now set variable limited, including either maximum and minimum levels, or both. Then set prices for the grouped products, including for both the parent and child products in a group, before then also being able to limit the number of child items in each box. Finally you can also set limits for the parent product to create deals and special offers. You’ve never been able to do more in offering your grouped products in a wide variety of ways. Check out Jigoshop Grouped Products Pro.


Jigoshop List View:

Jigoshop List View

Give your customers the flexibility to choose between viewing your products as a grid or list. Great for making large inventories easier to search and browse. Check out Jigoshop List View.


Jigoshop Add Custom Button:

Jigoshop Add Custom Button

Not only can you use this extension to create a custom button from a wide range of options, including to add a particular product, redirect to a particular product, or to a specific URL, but you can also put these redirects in place when customers add a product to their cart. Guide your customers to the right place with Jigoshop Add Custom Button.


Jigoshop Magnify:

Add a highly customisable zoom effect when users hover on your product images, so you can really show the detail and quality of your items. Check out Jigoshop Magnify.


Sequential Order Numbers for Jigoshop:

Sequential Order Numbers for Jigoshop

Make eCommerce management easier with this extension which will ensure order numbers are always consistent and sequential. Plus you can add your own prefix and suffix to help organisation. Check out Sequential Order Numbers for Jigoshop.



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2 Responses to Add Malaysian payments and much more to Jigoshop

  1. Siv Vaidhyanathan says:

    I would like to have a shopping cart for my affiliate products from Amazon, but not requiring any payment gateway arrangement. Does your plugin support this sort of arrangement? If yes, please let me know, so that I will start using it.


    October 17, 2012 at 2:09 pm

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