Jigoshop 1.3 – eCommerce for WordPress just got even better

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JigoshopThe latest and greatest version of Jigoshop is now available as an update either through your WordPress admin dashboard or as a new download via WordPress.org. It’s the result of an immense amount of work by core developers Jeff, Rob, Matt and Michael, and a wonderful amount of feedback and testing by the Jigoshop Community. We’ve taken the time to redesign and rebuild various elements of Jigoshop which means it’s better for store owners, and easier for developers and designers to use in client work.

You can see the masses of new features and improvements in the full Jigoshop 1.3. Changelog below, but there are some standout areas, such as a redesigned settings page which uses the WordPress Settings API.

Reports are now included in the core Jigoshop product, showing information such as total sales, customers and orders, as well as most sales and most quantity, all within whichever timeframe you wish to select.

And if you haven’t tried Jigoshop yet, now it’s easier with a dummy product XML file included in the core download, so you can see what a working store looks like without having to create a fake product list from scratch. There’s also a new Beta Tester option within the Jigoshop admin to allow you to automatically upgrade to the latest available Beta release (Recommended only for test sites!)

Not only have we worked hard on the main Jigoshop update, but we’ve also gone through all existing official extensions to ensure they continue to work with the new settings in Jigoshop 1.3, and we’ve liased with all developers and designers of third party themes and extensions to include them in the beta test period to avoid any disruption to their products as well.

It not only means you get a better product straight away, but also means developing Jigoshop itself will be quicker and easier in the future.

So if you haven’t already downloaded Jigoshop 1.3 after receiving a prompt in your WordPress Admin, download it now and find out why so many people are already using it and saying great things about it.

Jigoshop 1.3 Changelog:

== Changelog ==
= 1.3 =
* New: Redesigned settings pages using the WordPress Settings API
* New settings types including checkboxes, radio buttons, range sliders
* Each settings tab saves independently of other tabs
* Searchable pop-up selects for longer option lists
* Redesigned Jigoshop Options simplify extension, payment gateway, and shipping method development
* New: Coupon features
* Removed from settings, now a WordPress custom post type with a submenu under Jigoshop Menu
* Show coupon input field on checkout page
* Allow coupons to be removed from cart
* Free shipping option
* Limit amount of times coupon can be used, & show a counter
* Min & max order subtotal
* Specify products to allow / deny
* Specify product categories to allow / deny
* Specify payment methods to allow
* New: Reports
* Show reports within a custom timeframe
* List of most sales generated from products
* List of most quantity sold from products
* Total customers
* Total orders
* Total sales
* New: Category images
* Add an image to your product categories
* New: Beta Tester updater
* Enabling this checkbox in the settings will allow beta versions to appear in the WP Plugin Manager
* Allows Jigoshop Beta Testers to update directly to a beta version
* New: Product on Sale shortcode
* New: Force users to login before downloading a purchased product
* New: Mark 1 month or older orders from ‘pending’ to ‘on-hold’ with an option in the Settings to enable
* New: Select multiple countries and states for tax rules
* New: Support for WordPress’ admin classic theme
* New: Include dummy product .xml file for WordPress importer for testing and demonstration
* Tweak: Add shipping method to emails
* Tweak: Shop address is used for Shipping address for local_pickup in notification emails
* Tweak: Allow default tax classes to be translated
* Tweak: UI Sortable helper on attributes now has no border radius
* Tweak: Pages & CPT’s now use menu_position. Fixes array key duplication
* Tweak: Emails are now utf-8 compatible
* Tweak: Subtotals and Shipping can now display either with or without tax on both the Cart and Checkout
* Tweak: Cart widget now allows user defined text to display on the Go to Cart/Checkout buttons
* Tweak: Provide easier means of altering Jigoshop frontend styles
* Create ‘jigoshop’ folder in theme folder, create style.css, add styles to over-ride Jigoshop frontend.css
* Both Jigoshop frontend.css and new style.css can be used together, just change a few things, no .less required
* Fix: Star Ratings width css calculation now works for Recent Reviews widget
* Fix: Paypal gateway now sends shipping address info instead of billing when setting enabled
* Fix: When uninstalling, will now only delete Jigoshop created pages instead of pages specified in settings
* Fix: Variable products now have proper titles, not “#xxx: Child Variaton” anymore
* Fix: Edit Address on My Account page now shows correct saved state
* Fix: Local Pickup shipping always charges Shop Base Country and State tax
* Fix: Backorder notification and other emails now show variation sku’s
* Fix: When products are on backorder, customers are now emailed notification if product is set for ‘notify’
* Fix: Coupons applied after taxes now works as expected



  • Ben

    nice just installed 1.3 and my site crashed

    • Dan Thornton

      Hi Ben,
      Sorry to hear that – in order for us to help, can you post on the support forum, including which themes, plugins and any customisation you may have done? Seems to be a fairly unusual case, so more details will help us isolate the problem.

      • Ben

        Okay luckily I exported everything before updating. All is good now but lost all featured images. Do you guys know of some way to bulk add featured images? The thing is I have 659 products – so in other words would have to add image one by one = LOTS OF WORK.

        Also I bought the per product shipping extension. How to explain this…

        I have product 1 which is R90 for shipping.
        I have product 2 which is R120 for shipping
        Adding 1 and 2 obviously gives you R210

        Now the shipping company I use gives discount when ordering both Product 1 and 2. So total comes down to R180.

        How can I define the shipping rate to above explained?

        Hope you understand :)

        One more thing…
        Product quantities are unlimited right? And will it influence the loading time for my website?

        Thanks in advance

        • Ben

          Oh yes prices are South African Rand currency – R.
          Just so you know ;)

        • Dan Thornton

          Hi Ben,
          Good work on exporting/backing up before updating – it’s something that’s easy to forget sometimes.

          The bulk product importer allows you to bulk upload images and assign them – it should be available for sale again very shortly.

          • Ben

            Thanks do you think it will be in the next week or so maybe?
            And please get back to me about the shipping.

  • Grace

    Not seeing the update yet through the WP dash… any expected time or date? : )
    CT- USA here.

    • Dan Thornton

      It takes a little bit of time for the update to propogate all the way through WordPress – you should have it by now, though…

  • Kevin C

    Good Adds !! Any idea when/if we can expect some changes to the product landing pages? Would like some flexibility to how we show products. Keep up the good work !! Kevin

  • Bryan

    Great work guys! Thanks for all of these much needed updates :)

  • Derol Frye

    Variable products are no longer displaying prices.

    • Dan Thornton

      We’re looking into this asap. Dan

  • Brad

    NaN. Since upgrading to 1.3, the “Catalog products per row” and “Catalog products per page” are set to NaN. I can’t change these it just reverts to NaN.

  • annika_vs

    Thanks! I just updated and then my checkout page crashed :-(

    Instead of the little checkbox for “Ship to same adress?” the customer sees this html-code instead:

    checked=”checked” />

    Any idéas how to fix this?

    It also doesn’t seems that you have fixed the compatibility problem with the “Localization” tool. I still get this error message:

    “Loading Issue: Author is using load_textdomain instead of load_plugin_textdomain function. This may break behavior of WordPress, because some filters and actions won’t be executed anymore. Please contact the Author about that.”

  • kulwinder Singh`

    I installed jigoshop, it is good but i want that a product have different type in a drop down ,when i clicked any one from drop down the product will change to that type….So plz send me updste regsrding this….

    i am waiting for you replay ..plz replay fast

  • Melissa

    Yes, same problem with me in the shipping. I get no radio button but the codes instead.

    checked=”checked” />


  • Kevin C

    Anyone at Jigoshop care to respond to my inquiry of 8/14?

    • Jigoshop

      Hi there. There are no immediate plans for any changes to the Product pages but we will be looking at what features users are requesting for our 1.4 release.

  • Brad

    When I check off newly added product attributes, the new attribute added no longer show up as options for Varations. I am stuck. I need to add a new choice for and price the variation separately, but I can’t. Not since 1.3 update. Arghhh….

  • Brad

    Since 1.3 update, I am unable to add newly added product terms for a multiselect product attribute. This then keeps me from creation variations for the new product term. I am totally stuck. Is there a workaround. or do I need to recreate my product from scratch. Damn.

  • Brad

    Product Page Title is being rendered twice. Not sure if this is a bug in my theme or in the Jigoshop, but all I know is this is a new bug since 1.3

  • Brad

    Short of restoring a backup, can I revert from 1.3 to prior edition? Too many problems with the new version.

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