Save 30% on 42 themes and extensions in our 1st birthday #Jigosale

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To celebrate the tremendous 12 months since Jigoshop launched, we’ve created a massive 24-hour sale event to say thank you to everyone for your support.

Until 12 noon GMT on Thursday, June 14th, 2012, we’ve cut prices by 30% on a whopping 42 official Jigoshop extensions and themes. That includes all our payment gateways, shipping extensions, export and import tools, ways to market and promote your shop, and the 7 official Jigoshop themes.

You can see every theme and plugin included in the promotion on our Jigoshop Sale page.

Just for the next day, you can pick up anything from Jigoshop Mini Cart Deluxe for just $3.50 (Down from $5), to Table Rate Shipping with a saving of almost $15 on the normal price. Themes are just $28 each, and payment gateways are all down to $34.30 from the regular $49 price.

That’s a massive saving, so don’t delay – the sale runs until 12 noon GMT on Thursday, June 14th, 2012. And it could be 12 months or more before we attempt a sale as big as this one! You’ve got until we finish the crumbs on our 1st birthday cake!

Jigoshop 1st Birthday Cake


Note: Please be aware that the Jigosale does not include 3rd party themes and extensions, Premium Support or Jigoshop Club membership.


  • daveporter

    I must be blind! But I can’t see a product importer extension ?
    I could have sworn you had one….
    TIA, Dave

  • tom

    Is USPS extension included?

  • Kevin

    Been a customer, and have purchased some of the plugins you already have since we’ve been using Jigoshop.
    I would have taken advantage of the sale, but never received any type of notification. Was there ever an email sent out with a notice of the sale?

    • Dan Thornton

      Hi Kevin,
      In addition to publicising it via Twitter and Facebook, plus this blog post which went out the day prior, we did plug it heavily in the Jigoshop weekly newsletter email
      Also, as it was such a big sale, we did send out an email to everyone whose address was submitted as part of the purchase process for plugins and themes, so we tried to cover all bases. We’ll be running more offers and sales in the future, so I’d definitely recommend making sure you’re signed up for the weekly email. Incidentally, the email address attached to your comment appears to have a typo in it, as it’s .comq rather than .com on the end which might be why emails about the sale didn’t get to you unfortunately.

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