4 new plugins and 1 new theme for Jigoshop

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We’ve got four new extensions plus a great new theme this week, and a couple of the additions really stand out in terms of Jigoshop functionality. You can now utilise a Search Engine Optimisation plugin designed specifically for Jigoshop and making use of the suggestions and specific requirements for a WordPress eCommerce store, and at the same time, automate professional invoices and packing slips quickly and easily.

Plus if you’ve ever thought about running a hotel, holiday home, or destination-based business, then we’ve got a new theme for you with Travel Island designed specifically for those industries.


SEO Deluxe for Jigoshop:

SEO Deluxe

Search Engine Optimisation is a massively important source of traffic to retailers, and even with the rise of social networks, it’s still used heavily for researching and buying products and services. So it’s important to make sure your site is well-optimised and the new SEO Deluxe extension makes it a lot easier for you. Unlike other solutions it’s been specifically designed for Jigoshop, so it has a couple of features which the others don’t.

Adding SEO Deluxe gives you an included layered navigation widget, and much more control over URL structures, Category and Product meta data, and whether you want search engines to ignore specific areas and pages. If you want to save time, you can create templates at a Category level, or dive into each individual product to ensure every part of your site is as optimised for search as possible.


PDF Invoices and Packing Slips:


Increase your repeat customers by impressing them with professional packing slips and invoices, and make your shipping process more efficient with the PDF Invoices and Pack Slips extension for Jigoshop.

The extension lets you quickly and easily print a single invoice or packing slip, or bulk printing for any order status, with options to set page layout, paper size, return information and all your company details (logo, name, address and email address). It can also be localized if you create a translation and use the following text domain: sod_jigoshop_pdf_settings. Check out the PDF Invoices and Packing Slips extension now to add some flair to your packing.


Checkout Fields Manager:


Customise your Jigoshop checkout to include custom fields with a range of input options. You will be able to add, enable and disable, re-order and re-size custom fields. And for each field you can add check boxes, text, text area and date picker fields to make sure the information you get is exactly what you want and need. Check out the new Checkout Field Manager for yourself.


Offline Credit Card Processing:

You can now process credit cards offline with a new extension from VisserLabs which splits customer credit card details into two parts, with one section emailed to the store owner and one part stored in the database. Please note there are security and legal implications to doing this, which are explained in more detail on the Offline Credit Card Processing Extension page.


Travel Island theme for hotels and holidays:

The Travel Island theme is ideal if you’re looking to sell holiday accommodation or services, whether it’s for hotel rooms, renting a house, or taking people out for watersports or day trips. It comes from dtbaker, who also created the Sport Grunge and Mommy Blog themes.

Features of the theme include a responsive design so your site displays correctly on PC, tablet, or mobile phone. And you get a good level of flexibility with an easy-to-use Sidebar and Widget manager which allows you to set your sidebar to display on the left, right, or remain hidden – that control can be applied to individual pages to tailor your site to you demands.

More customisation comes with an image slider, Google Font Selector, a custom photo gallery and importantly a Google Map shortcode is available to let you insert maps quickly and easily into any page to really help people find your business. Find out more about the Travel Island theme for Jigoshop.


  • chriscct7

    Glad our comments lead to them adding a whole warning paragraph on security for the offline credit card plugin. Not totally satisfied, but its a good start :)

  • Phil

    Does the PDF invoice plugin allow the PDF invoices to be sent to the customer when they have made an invoice?



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