New plugins: PayFast and Inspire Payments, plus UPS Shipping

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Payment and shipping options are incredibly important in making your online store more successful and easier to run – which is why we’re adding so many new products for you to be able to take payments in whatever form is easiest for your customers, and also more shipping options to help you deliver what you’ve sold.

Inspire Commerce Payment Gateway for Jigoshop:

Inspire is a global payment gateway and registered merchant services provider with Visa, which means you can set up a free merchant account, including tracking and reporting, to provide benefits from them working closely with your bank. That means next day deposits, international payments regardless of currency, your brand name on customer bank statements and lower rates.

Registering with Inspire takes less than 20 minutes, and you’ll just need a Business Bank Account, EIN/TAX ID Number and a business location or completed website. You can then take advantage of their Level 1 PCI data facility, accept all major credit cards, and get selling. The Inspire Commerce Payment Gateway for Jigoshop costs $49.


PayFast Payment Gateway for Jigoshop:

The PayFast payment gateway supports using the South Africa Payfast payment gateway, which uses a quick and simple payment wallet to sign-up and manage purchases. It accepts credit cards including Visa and Mastercard, or PayFast’s own payment method which lets you pay via regular Internet backing without having to wait 2 days for funds to clear.

You’ll need to sign up for PayFast, which doesn’t charge a setup or monthly fee, and simply takes a transaction percentage. When a customer chooses PayFast to complete a transaction, they’ll be redirected to your PayFast merchant account for them to login and make payment before being redirected back to your store.

If you’ve signed up for PayFast, you’ll just need to set your base country to “South Africa” and your currency to “South African Rand” for the option to become available. The Payfast Payment Gateway for Jigoshop costs $49.


UPS Shipping Rates:

Access and pull real-time UPS Shipping Rates in Jigoshop, using the official UPS API to provide accurate and up-to-date charges from a company delivering in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

Not only do you benefit from the accuracy – your customers are likely to be very familiar with the gold and brown UPS logo, giving them an extra reason to trust your product delivery. So even the smallest shop can offer the latest rates from a company which delivers around 15.6 million packages and documents every day!

The UPS Shipping Rates costs $49.

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