2 new extensions: WorldPay Payment Gateway and USPS Shipping plugin

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We’ve added yet another payment gateway to further expand your options, along with a new USPS Shipping plugin for American retailers and customers. That’s in addition to the Canada Post Shipping plugin we’ve already released, meaning more native shipping options for Jigoshop users around the world.


WorldPay Payment Gateway for Jigoshop

WorldPay Payment Gateway for Jigoshop:

Accept credit card payments via a secure, hosted service from WorldPay which handles all the security aspects, so you don’t need an SSL certificate on your website. By using the plugin, customers are sent to a WorldPay page to make a payment, and that means a wide range of credit cards can be accepted, including Visa Credit and Debit, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa Electron, JCB, Laser and ELV, with American Express and Diners Club Cards available on request.

Currencies supported including Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and US Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen, the Swedish Krona and Danish Krone, or even the Malaysian Ringgit.

Balances can be settled on a weekly basis and after purchasing, customers will automatically go to a WorldPay thank you page which can be edited to echo your design and branding. You’ll need to sign up for an account at WorldPay to use this service. The WorldPay Payment Gateway for Jigoshop costs $49, and lets you concentrate on making sales, not processing payments.


USPS Shipping Calculator

USPS Shipping Calculator for Jigoshop:

You’ll need to create a shipping profile with the United States Postal Service, but once that’s done you’ll be able to enter your new user ID into Jigoshop and be able to utilise all the USPS Shipping Rates for your customers. That means more accurate shipping costs for American consumers, and better ways for you to manage transportation and shipping to keep an eye on your profits!

The plugin will assume that products will be bundled into one box with a maximum weight of 70 lbs, and if customers are purchasing items over 70lbs, there will be multiple boxes created on domestic shipping. For international shipments, you won’t receive rates if the total product weight on the shopping cart exceeds 70 lbs.

The USPS Shipping for Jigoshop plugin costs $49 – not bad for the time and cost savings you can make by automating US shipping!



  • Ann

    On the USPS plugin: just to be clear, does it actually calculate the shipping rate by the weight of items purchased in the order and the zip code it’s sending to? The “assume one box with a maximum weight” makes me unsure if this is the case, and I’d like to be clear on how it works before purchasing.

  • Juan Rangel

    I love this plugin but the extensions prices are crazy for such basic features.

    • Dan Thornton

      Hi Juan,
      Thanks for your comment, and your love for Jigoshop, but we obviously take a lot of time and care in pricing extensions to make sure they are both reasonably priced for users, and also provide a return for developers which means they can afford to continue devoting time to the future of Jigoshop.
      Before releasing any plugins, we look at what functionality they provide, and what prices are being set by other eCommerce providers, and everything we sell is comparable to any other eCommerce solution – don’t forget that PayPal and Skrill are both included for free, and any plugin price is a one-off payment. That also compares to other solutions which have a fixed hosting cost which is higher than you’d pay for WordPress hosting, plus a transaction cost on top of any cost for 3rd party payment processing, for example.

  • Chris

    In regards to the USPS plug-in. Does it automate rates for international shipping when shipping from the U.S.? It stresses only US shipping in the description. And does it facilitate shipping labels in any way?

  • klein268

    I’m looking at buying the USPS shipping extension. I’d like to see this thing live before I buy. Do you have any screenshots of the front end or any example websites I can check out before buying?


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