Starting the week with an office move…

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It’s a big week for Jigoshop, and it’s started with a big switch as we adjust to a new home for the Jigoshop/Jigowatt team. Both sides of the business have expanded incredibly quickly and while we have an awesome team spread around the world, we’ve now got more room for everyone within commuting distance. Plus there’s more space for entertaining clients, and even somewhere to turn into a play room to be able to entertain ourselves at lunchtime and after work. Importantly we’re also on a much faster data connection, which means we work more effectively.

We haven’t finished customising the office yet, but in the meantime here’s a few pictures:

Jigoshop New Office - Empty before the office move

The calm before the storm. And a space crying out to be filled with computers


As the new office was so close to our former location we moved everything ourselves. Despite the fact designers and developers aren’t professions generally noted for developing upper body strength. Hence why Jigowatt designer Matt K had to take a breather, right in front of Peterborough police station.


Taking a break from the office move. We tried to convince Matt to stay there


Magento and database guru, internal IT support and Apple obsessive Chris


Jigoshop Office Designers

The 1000 yard stare is required for designers. Along with the obligatory office pot plant and cowboy hat


And everyone is hard at work. Spot the lone PC in the corner


We’ll keep you updated on how the play room progresses. And some of you may be wondering why Jigoshop’s Lead Developer Rob Rhoades isn’t pictured anywhere? Could it be that he’s locked away working on an imminent release?


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    Hm wonder what Rob’s up to :P

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