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We’ve just launched the new Corellian theme for Jigoshop, which gives you yet another great option for the look and feel of your eCommerce website.

As you can see from the screens, we’ve gone with a clean, fresh and modern design, which we think works well with a number of products, including videogames and anything sci-fi related. But with eight colour choices, you can pick the one that suits your shop the best.

Corellian Theme for Jigoshop

The new Corellian Theme for Jigoshop with the Blue colour option

As with all our official Jigoshop themes, it features a responsive design, meaning that your customers get the best view of your products whether they’re visiting on their computer, tablet or mobile. And it integrates blog posts and Twitter messages into a homepage which really promotes your products.

You can check out all the themes created by both Jigoshop and a wonderful group of external developers, which cover almost every option you can think of!


  • daveporter

    It’s gone!
    I followed a tweet about 1.1 being released, but it does not seem to existing anymore?
    Cheers Dave

    • Sandra

      Hi Dave, Well spotted :) We noticed a small tweek that will be sorted on Monday and back up on the site.

  • erohner

    a bit of a problem in demo view w/ good old Firefox 3.6.24, “About Us, Contact Us, How to” placement. Otherwise I totally love that you’re making these themes responsive!!!! Thank you!

    • Sandra

      Oh OK, we’ll have a look and get back to you. Thanks for that.

  • cyberpundit

    Is it back on? Also, how customizable is the theme? I love the filtering options on the side — but they require more plugins?

  • cyberpundit

    Also, is this one of those time-wasting themes that are NOT responsive?

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