Jigoshop v0.9.9.3 adds even more international language and tax options

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Jigoshop version is now available to update or download. It includes a number of fixes and some additional languages and features to allow even more stores to benefit from the core Jigoshop eCommerce solution for WordPress.

More languages and currencies:

In addition to updating the Spanish translation, there is now a Hungarian translation, by Kristof Gruber, along with Hungarian, Croatian and Indian currencies. That means languages currently supported by Jigoshop includes English, French, German, Swedish, Dutch, Hungarian, with more on the way.

Out of State and Shipping Address Tax:

Jigoshop now accommodates Out of State Tax to cater for the needs of American business, as tax rates can vary between states. It also includes Tax based on the shipping address of the customer, making it simple to buy and administer tax.

Other important tweaks and additions:

The other areas of improvement include Free Shipping, Variations now only showing ‘From’ if there are actually different prices, and product category shortcodes. The full list of changes is as follows:

Jigoshop V.

  • Variations only show ‘From’ if prices actually vary
  • Display applied coupons on Admin orders
  • Improve installation and page creation, ignore trashed pages
  • Repair Admin product list pagination
  • Add program hooks to emails to allow output customization
  • Fixes for attributes and variations
  • Updated Spanish translations
  • Hungarian Translation by Kristóf Gruber
  • Hungarian, Croatian and Indian currencies
  • Repair free shipping
  • Added css classes to widget titles, prices, etc., for easier styling
  • Add product category shortcode
  • Repair and allow category and tag templates in themes
  • Allow out of state tax and tax based on shipping address
  • More internationalization for text translations
  • Lots of internal code restructuring
  • Numerous small bug fixes


  • tarvi

    Hei. i have found one big mistake.. new shortcode CART.php cant show shipping…

    get error:
    Fatal error: Cannot access protected property jigoshop_shipping::$enabled in jigoshop/shortcodes/cart.php on line 168

    I have replace new cart.php file with old cart.php file, and it’s works! ;)

  • Lyn

    After the update the shortcode for recent products stopped working. Now I’m stuck with the oldest stock on my homepage.

    • Jigoshop

      How odd, could you post your issue on the jigoshop forum so our support guys can take a look?

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