Jigoshop Showcase #4 Collette Costello Fashion

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We love to see the great online shops which are being created using Jigoshop, and this is a series highlighting the amazing stores that have come to our attention. If you’ve gone live with an implementation of Jigoshop, and would like to be featured and promoted, email [email protected]

Collette Costello Fashion Homepage

Collette Costello Fashion Factory – www.collettecostello.co.uk

There’s a growing number of fashion and clothing shops using Jigoshop for WordPress eCommerce, and one reason is that we take care of the backend to let you really focus on a unique design. And that’s what Collette Costello Fashion has got after working with Manchester Design Agency Carbon Creative.

What really stands out is the custom iconography which really catches your eye and does a great job of conveying a unique personality and style for the business, which fits perfectly as an independent online fashion retailer with a range of unique and exclusive designs. The slideshow on the homepage really does a great job of explaining the reasons for visiting, whilst the Blog and Contact Sections mix the relevant information with design that intrigues you into reading more.

But perhaps you’re here to buy?


If you ever had any doubts about the number of products you can sell via Jigoshop, then the range available here should give you some confidence. As David Cunningham from Carbon Creative says:

“We’d used another eCommerce solution for the last two years which was a good product but just too clunky. What attracted us to Jigoshop was initially the back office. Its just so clean and easy to use for admins.”

The design tweaks really highlight the Cart and Contact options to reassure potential purchasers, and there’s no way you can miss the price and purchase options for each product if you want to buy straight away. Plus the category page really shows how extensive the range is to highlight the different designs and colours to let you pick the product which matches your outfit or catches your eye, and the same is true of the dresses page.


And if that hasn’t convinced you, then there’s good use made of the individual product pages with multiple images and product descriptions. And the best news for us? The payment options and gateways have helped the shop to increase their sales already:

“The front end has all the basic features that a shop needs, and the checkout options for ‘Bank transfer’, ‘Cheque’ and ‘Paypal’ has helped Collette Costello to increase
sales since the launch.


So running and administering the shop is easier, and sales have already increased since launch, which is great proof of what our functionality and great design can achieve. And David also mentions one aspect of Jigoshop that we really focus on and are continually striving to improve and make the best – our support for you:

“To top it all off the support is just second to none. I had a couple of
teething issues which turned out to be down to a 3rd party hosting
company. Jigoshop were very prompt and helpful with their advice.

Whether you’re building a shop for your own business, or you’re a designer, developer or agency, the combination of the public support forms and our premium support options mean that you can have confidence in Jigoshop, which is particularly important if you’re building a store for a client.

We can only hope that the fashion influence improves the standards of sartorial elegance in the Jigoshop office. And make sure you share your work with Jigoshop either on the Forum, or by emailing [email protected] for a future showcase.


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