Why it’s worth writing unique product descriptions with Jigoshop

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For a long time, there’s been a recognised benefit to writing great quality content. If you start by writing brilliant articles aimed at humans, and then take into account some SEO best practice, you’re off to a good start.

But when it comes to eCommerce product listings, there’s a temptation to duplicate content, particularly manufacturer information. That’s not surprising when you might have 100s of products (or if you’re a large retailer, potentially millions), but does it harm your chance of ranking highly in search engines for those products?

Proof unique product content ranks well:

Unique In addition to my own experiences with a range of eCommerce sites, a recent article on SEOMoz recently corroborated the value of unique content by looking at a range of examples from the biggest eCommerce retailers.

And those that ranked highly all included unique content in addition or instead of the manufacturer product information, even if it was just a few lines.

Add the fact that WordPress and Jigoshop are both optimised for discovery via search engines, and you could find some really good results even in fairly competitive areas just by adding some of your own flavour to product listings.

Just remember that a unique description doesn’t work if you then copy and paste it onto another 20 similar products.

Can you still use some syndicated content?

169 At the news standIt’s still possible to add manufacturer information and other syndicated content in your product descriptions, but it should be below your own unique creations, and mark it with a heading such as ‘Manufacturers Description’.

And be careful with user reviews. Encourage reviews from your customers by contacting them after their purchase, and if you’re using third-party review applications etc.

If you’ve got a lot of products but limited time, don’t panic – just concentrate on the most important products first e.g. your biggest sellers, or those with the highest margins.

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