Jigshop $100 bundle

Grab extensions worth more than $300 for just $100 with our Jigoshop $100 Bundle. You can save almost 70% on our selection of great themes and extensions as we celebrate reaching 100,000 downloads and 100 available extensions in the same week !

Great news, we’ve extended the deadline for the $100 Jigoshop Bundle!

But make sure you take advantage of this offer soon, as it’ll only be around for the next 7 days. It’s set to end at 12 noon BST (GMT +1) on Thursday, July 26th.


Jigotheme features a clean and simple design ready to work for you, and also as a great basis for customisation. It’s a responsive design with a choice of 8 different set theme colours. Plus you get a custom AJAX dropdown shopping cart, custom menu areas, and a custom widget to let you easily promote products and sales.

Serenum Theme

But if you’re keen to keep the a blogging focus for your promotion and marketing, you also get the Serenum theme. This has been designed to put the emphasis on your words to let you sell your products effectively. It’s a fixed-width, two-column theme which also comes with 8 colour options.

Table Rate Shipping

Table Rate Shipping lets you define separate rates for regions based on price, weight, or the number of items in a cart. And you can add multiple rules such as postcode, min/max values and price.

Sale Flash Options

Sales Flash is a great new way to highlight discounts and sales prices to your customers, either for individual products, or across your whole store.


Email is a great way to increase your sales, and MailChimp is a great way to send your emails – so our MailChimp integration converts customers to email subscribers quickly and easily.

Simple SEO Meta-Tags

Simple SEO Meta-Tags gives you simple SEO options for products – set a search engine friendly title and description to get more people clicking through to your site and buying your products.

Up-Sells and Cross-sells

Want to get your customers spending more? Then Up-Sells and Cross-Sells to promote a product up-sell, or display additional products which would make sense to purchase together.

HTML Emails

HTML Emails does what is says on the tin – you get a nice clean HTML template for all outgoing emails, which can then be cosmetically changed by alerting the email template.

Products Accessories

Products Accessories gives you a great way to display the additional items that fit with a purchase, for instance, selling chargers along with mobile phones – it makes it quick and simple by allowing you to select from categorized product lists.

Sage Pay Form

Credit Card payments are simple and easy to accept with the Sage Pay Form extension which passes transaction details though the Sage Pay system – so you don’t need to collect, store or transfer payment data, and therefore avoids you requiring any security measures. The only thing you need is a Sage Pay merchant account and you’re good to go.

Jigoshop Statistics & Jigoshop Admin Bar

Plus we’ve also included two great free extensions – Jigoshop Statistics provides a quick and easy Admin integration for the key stats to see how well your site is performing. And finally Jigoshop Admin Bar will add useful quick links to the WordPress Admin bar to save you time and effort.